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Making Your Care Our First Priority

The Hampshire Knee Clinic was set up and is run by a team of knee surgeons.  Our aim is to provide the best service possible by making an accurate diagnosis and discussing your options enabling you to decide what treatment will be best for you.

All surgeons work both in the NHS and private practice so should you choose to move between services this can be continued seamlessly.  Surgeons who only work privately cannot provide support if you do have a problem that requires more intensive treatment in an NHS facility.

The team works closely and collaboratively to achieve the best outcome for you, and are not limited to just total knee replacement but can offer partial knee replacement or joint preserving treatments where appropriate.  We will also advise you if we feel your care is better managed by another expert, we work closely with the other knee surgeons in the Wessex area.

We have access and extensive experience with both tried and tested techniques and, where appropriate, the latest in technology. The team were the first in the UK to introduce robotic-assisted knee surgery to the NHS, and the only surgeons in the region to use this technique as standard in their practice.

Together with Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford, our team was recently selected to set up and run the Major Revision Centre for knee surgery to cover South East England.  We provide advice from and treatment to all patients in the region requiring complex revision knee surgery at our NHS base in Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust.

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