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Please see our price information.  A range is provided as there can be variation depending on complexity and location of services.  Written information will always be provided in advance of any appointment or treatment.

New Patient Consultation - £204 -250

We usually schedule 20-30 minutes for a new patient consultation.  Imaging may be required in addition to this, either in the form of x-rays or and MRI depending on the conditions being investigated.


Follow up consultation - £102-150

Follow up may be required to discuss the outcomes of investigations or following treatment that has been provided.  These may be included in the price of the treatment.


X-rays - £100- 150

X-rays for the mainstay of investigation for most degenerative problems of the knee and is used to look at the bony structures of the knee and the joint space.  These are usually taken when standing so they can look at the effect of load on the joint.


MRI - £300 - £500

An MRI scan looks at the soft tissue structure of the the knee, such as cartilage, menisci and ligament.  They are usually required after an injury in a younger patient when the knee has swollen, or when mechanical symptoms are presents (locking or giving way).  An MRI is not usually required for patients with degenerative symptoms of the knee, as a thorough examination and x-rays are usually sufficient to make a diagnosis and provide advice on treatment options.  Routine MRI scans are strongly discouraged by the vast majority of knee surgeons as this can lead to over diagnosis and treatment when it will provide no benefit to the patient.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have suffered an injury to your knee and it has resulted in swelling immediately or shortly afterwards then an MRI is usually required. This can be arranged in advance of your consultation.  This is particularly helpful if you are abroad at the time of injury, e.g. skiing.

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