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We are now able to book a limited number of face to face clinical appointments, and operating lists will be resuming from the 15th July.

Telephone consultations can also be arranged at short notice.

Portsmouth QA patient able to walk 24 hours after first ever NHS robot knee replacement

"Twenty-four hours after knee replacement surgery, Diane Proudlock was up and walking about thanks to a groundbreaking new technology that is set to reduce pain and recover time"

Read about a patients journey through a robotic knee replacement, and how the surgeons of the Hampshire Knee Clinic were the first in the country to introduce this as a standard practice into the NHS

Robodoc will see you now for the perfect new knee replacement

This article from the Mail on Sunday outlines some of the benefits to patients having knee replacement surgery using the Mako robot-assisted technique.


This was introduced into the NHS by the Queen Alexandra Hospital and we are helping other hospitals around the country to follow suit.

Robot-assisted knee replacement reduces post operative pain and accelerates recovery

Jeremy Rushbrook was invited to present the outcome of the Mako robotic-assisted knee replacement to the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust Annual General Meeting 

When introducing new techniques it is good practice to assess the impact this has on patients outcomes.

We were able to demonstrate that the robot-assisted technique reduces post operative pain and accelerates recovery after knee replacement, allowing patients to return home more quickly.

Not only does this improvement help our patients, it also provides a cost saving to the hospital and frees up beds for other patients.

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