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How to lose weight effectively

We know it is difficult to lose weight, and all the more so when you can't exercise as much as you'd like due to pain, but we have some tips that might help.

Firstly, it is important to understand that an appropriate diet is the most effective way to lose weight, but there are some guidelines that are helpful to know.

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Healthy Food
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Eat less.

This sounds obvious, but is the easiest first thing to do.  Weigh your food, and cook less of it.  You'll save money and if you gradually reduce the amount of food you cook you'll get used to it.


Eat early in the evening.

Try to eat as early as you can, ideally by 6pm.  The aim to have have a fasting period overnight that is as long as possible.  The body uses glycogen for its easy access energy.  If you can deplete it you start burning fat.  Aim to be going to bed hungry.


Eat late in the morning.

Following on from the tip above, by taking breakfast late you will have increased your fasting period.  If you can deplete your glycogen overnight you will be burning fat in the morning.  The later you take on carbohydrate, the longer you will be burning fat. Try something like porridge oats with bran, raisins, fruit and nuts.  You can make it the night before and eat it when you get to work.


Never eat sugar late in the day.

Hard as it is, resist any sugar after your evening meal, and never just before bed.  Sugar causes a release of insulin which will store available energy as fat.  


Exercise late in the day and early in the morning.

If you can exercise after your evening meal (2 hours after eating ideally) then you can further deplete your glycogen stores and spend your sleep time burning fat.  Any exercise in the morning before you eat will also be using fat as an energy source.


If you can't resist sweet treats, have them early in the day.

Evening sugar has to be avoided, if you can't resist then have treats after lunch and then go for a walk.

Try to remove as much sugar from your diet as possible. Most of us love chocolate, so buy the expensive stuff.  It has far less sugar in it, and you'll be reluctant to eat much because it costs so much.  A small square can become more satisfying than a whole bar of a cheap variety and still satisfies the craving.


Fill up on low calorie foods.

Water has zero calories, so drink a glass before you eat and during your meal.  You'll feel fuller far more quickly.  Add bran where you can, it can bulk out your foods and isn't digested.  Add more vegetables to your plate; steamed broccoli, carrots, peas etc can help fill you up.  Reduce the portions of fatty meats and other foods, and avoid high fat additions such as ketchup and mayonnaise or go for the low calorie versions if you can't.

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